MDFc19 is a new and important skin care component that contains a number of critical factors, which are produced by expanding adult human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These adult stem cells circulate in the blood and are in every person’s body. MSC’s are responsible for developing and maintaining many tissues in the body including blood cells and blood vessels, cartilage and bone, muscles and a number of other tissues. Currently, there are over 100 clinical trials approved by the FDA in which MSCs are being injected into people to determine their direct impact on a variety of diseases and disorders. During our own cell culturing process, human adult MSCs readily expand and grow while releasing their growth and signaling factors into our proprietary media solution. When the stem cells are removed, these important factors are left behind, creating a critical new skin care component for skin care products (MDFc19). Clinical studies have shown that products containing MDFc19 can help reduce the effects aging skin.

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